Biology Greenhouse

Visitors are welcome in the greenhouse.   There is no charge for visiting, however arranged tours are $1/person. 

To Access the Greenhouse: enter Phillips Science Hall from the SE corner of Phillips parking lot.  This is the entrance next to the science sculpture.  Take the stairwell to the 5th floor, go through the door to left and half way down the hall to the left is the greenhouse.


About the Biology Greenhouse. The greenhouse is a year round working facility with multiple functions.  It serves biology classes and undergraduates use the facility for research  In addition, the plant collection acts as a living reference for students.

The greenhouse facility was built in three stages: in 1963, 1969 and 1973. It comprises approximately 3,500 square feet and is subdivided into five growing zones including two themed collection areas named the Succulent House and the Tropical House. The other rooms are used for lab work as well as faculty and student research.

The Tropical and Succulent Houses are open to students, faculty, and the community.


Download the Biology Greenhouse Brochure.




The Collection Greenhouses are located on the 5th floor of Phillips Hall.  Choose the south elevator (closest to Phillips parking lot) and take it to the 5th floor, and just to the left is the greenhouse entrance.





                    Epiphyte Habitat created by student Joe Peterson (photo gallery)